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Happy New Year! Date: Jan 2nd @ 9:57pm EST
As you all know, I have been away for a while, but I am back and I have missed you all!

I would like to wish you all a happy new year and I hope you had a great time celebrating!

What's your new years resolution? You can send me a message or why not call me on my flirt phone ;)
Home sweet home! Date: Oct 12th @ 5:37pm EDT
Hello my dear friends!

Some of you noticed I have been absent a while and who has been following me on twitter/instagram has seen the beautiful places I have been to.

I had a relaxing time, but I am happy to be home and back online! There is no place like home and I can't wait to see you very soon!

Vacation soon! Date: Sep 25th @ 7:42pm EDT
My dear friends, I would like to announce that I will be away for a few days! It's time to relax and have some me time, but I will be thinking of you too and I promise I will take many photos and selfies and I will post on my twitter or instagram!

Hello again friends, Date: Aug 1st @ 2:00am EDT
This is horoscope for the week starting 1st of august.

August starts in a very beautiful note and that's because of Venus which is speaking with Uranus and Saturn having another nice conversation with the Sun. Let's start with Venus,goddess of love,brings us love surprises and has a very refreshing energy in this area of life. This is a perfect time to make love declaration. Now adding the conversation's influence Saturn-Sun to that lovely energy,we are able to make adult decisions,we have the image of a bigger picture and make choices from that place.

But there's more,a new moon coming (2nd august) which is also in harmony with Saturn,in the sign of Leo. A new moon is new beginnings,Saturn is about maturity,smart choices and Leo has to do with celebrity,glamour,quite the opposite of Saturn. That means we can have some ambitious ideas and Saturn gives us the substance to make that happen,this is legacy-creating time,when you are inspired but also supported with your ideas.
Another event, Mars goes retrograde again for the last time this year. Time to understand some things that happened in march and late may. Clarity shows up regarding to some questions we had back then.

Happy August and Happy New Moon!
New FanClub content! Date: Jul 27th @ 5:35pm EDT
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New home! Date: Jul 24th @ 5:34pm EDT
Hello my friends, I am sorry I haven't been so active with the weekly horoscope, but I am busy moving into a new home. I will come back with the horoscope when I can, I will make selfies and send you photos!

If you like spending time with me you can always stop by and say hello when I am online, or call me on my FlirtPhone or even better, join my fanclub! Members that join get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font colour.

Kisses and hugs!
Hey there! Horoscope update:D Date: Jul 9th @ 7:37am EDT
Weekly horoscope july3-9 2016
This week we have an active Venus in the sky,who speaks in harmony with Mars,so this energy makes us understand what and why some things that took place these last months while Mars was retrograde. Venus is also speaking with Uranus and could bring lots of surprises in matters of love,self value but money as well.
For most of us is going to be like a truth we felt coming,that we know has been coming and it requires a moment of pause to see where our power is and where we should let it go with the flow,surrender and trust it's going to be well in the end.
The new moon in Cancer that takes place in 4th of july is about feeling safe at home,about familly,familly reunions (whatever or whomever gives you the feeling of familly).Cancer is all about feelings and with new moon it makes you longs about the safety of a home,of a significant other,of belonging to someone. Remember it's a good thing to set goal now with this moon,goals realted with relationships especially.;)
Happy New Moon and Happy 4th of July USA!
Update :D Date: Jun 29th @ 8:20am EDT
I know I need to post my weekely horoscope but I've been super busy! I promise I will get it up for you as soon as possible!
I must confess I felt a little tired lately but now I am back fresh and energetic as always. What have you been up to?
Un beso :*muahhhhaaaa
Update :D Date: Jun 18th @ 10:49am EDT
Hey guys. I want to keep in touch with you! How is your day going! Mine is going good so far hope it keeps up with the positive vibes. Been relaxing lately and trying to find a new place to move hehe. The weather is so nice here, I've been just enkoying the sun and the nice time outside. Lot's to do when it's sunny :D Kisses
Horoscope of the week guyss!;D Date: Jun 12th @ 7:42pm EDT
Hello friends,
This week we have got the dominant energy of Neptune,wich stands still in the sky. The fact that it's not moving backwords or forwards makes it so powerful. So this week can Be a time of big confusions, we see things that are not necesarally how they seem or we tend to imagine things in our heads if we let ourselves go with the flow of this energy.

There's another aspect of Neptune, he's having a conversation with Saturn. To make IT clear Neptune is the planet of illusion and Saturn the planet of reality. I'm feeling this week must be a very interesting one. Neptune's energy says the great things happen in your mind,Saturn says the physical it's the most important. The truth is you can't have one without the other. Neptune makes you think about it and Saturn makes you DO it!

This conversation puts out a very positive,sweet, smooth energy, as long as you give the same amount of credits to both planets. If so,expect of great rewards from our beloved Venus.

Have a great week everyone!
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